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3 Ingredient Oatmeal balls

3 Ingredient Oatmeal Balls

Jan/25 By

3 Ingredient Oatmeal Balls These 3 ingredient Oatmeal balls are amazing! Really it only takes 2 ingredients but I added the 3rd ingredient in for some indulgence.   Ingredients for

Jalapeno poppers Oh So Yummy!! Snacks for the Seahawks vs Panthers game

Football Sunday & Game Day Snacks

Jan/17 By

Today is Sunday!  A day for families, Church and FOOTBALL!! Today my Seattle Seahawks with take on the Carolina Panthers. With football comes Game Day Snacks. Toady I wanted to share

New thoughts for the new year

New thoughts for the New Year

Jan/8 By

New Thoughts for the New Year   With a New Year comes New thoughts. New thoughts of bettering yourself, your life and the lives around you.  “All good things, all

Easy Tissue Christmas Tree {}

Easy Tissue Paper Tree

Dec/8 By

Easy Tissue Paper Tree   An Easy Tissue Paper Tree that you can create with your child (or by yourself) for a simple decoration. With  just 5 crafty items you

Christmas Countdown Free Printable {}

Christmas Countdown FREE Printable

Dec/2 By

Christmas Countdown FREE Printable This Christmas Countdown is such a cute way to have your little one countdown to the BIG day!  They will be so excited to come out

12 Days of Blogmas {}

12 Days of Blogmas 2015

Nov/29 By

12 Days of BLOGMAS 12 Days of Blogmas is HERE! 12 days of Blogmas starts tomorrow and will run Monday through Friday ending on December 15th. Each day Bloggers from all


Thanksgiving day place cards *FREE Printable

Nov/24 By

Thanksgiving day place cards *FREE printable Place cards for your Thanksgiving day table, as promised but you get not ONE but TWO downloads to choose from. One has a pumpkin

Happy Thanksgiving {}

Thankful Turkey Craft *Bonus FREE Printable

Nov/17 By

Thankful Turkey Craft *Bonus FREE Printable   Thanksgiving is going to be special in our house this year, not that it isn’t special every year.  But, this year we are

No Corkscrew No Problem {}

No Corkscrew No Problem

Nov/10 By

No Corkscrew No Problem I don’t know about you, but in times like this when I find myself without or in the need of something, I turn to google. Or

Darn it, an overlooked missing object almost ruined our Christmas! {}

How did I miss that, an overlooked fixture could have ruined our Christmas!

Oct/30 By

Follow my blog with Bloglovin There was so much that we failed to noticed when we moved into this house. However, a couple of them are worst than others. A

I think my daughter's Beta Fighting Fish is Dying!

I think my daughter’s Beta fighting fish is dying!!

Oct/23 By

I think my daughter’s Beta fighting fish is dying!!     We have had Boi, our male Beta fighting fish for almost 3 years. My younger daughter got him from her Nina

Why is it so hard to burst the bubble we create{} Periscope Hearts

Why is it so hard to burst the bubble we create? My Periscope bubble.

Oct/19 By

Why is it so hard to burst the bubble we create? My Periscope bubble.   Do you know what these are?   If you can identify those hearts, there is a

{Silhouette Cameo Tutorial for a Thanksgiving or Fall Sign}

Silhouette Cameo Tutorial for a Thanksgiving or Fall Sign -Thanksgiving Blessings-

Oct/16 By

Silhouette Cameo Tutorial for a Thanksgiving or Fall Sign We just only just moved here about 3 months ago. We have no decorations AT ALL since we are starting out

How to weld in Silhouette Studio. A beginners tutorial.

Beginner Tutorial on welding text in the Silhouette Studio for the Silhouette Cameo

Oct/1 By

Beginner Tutorial on welding text in the Silhouette Studio for the Silhouette Cameo If you haven’t heard about the Silhouette Cameo…OMGosh! This machine can really do it all. A handy

Look familiar? I will guide you step by step to get you on to your next project. Follow along for how to's, tips and tricks

A 2 year break. What I was up to. New blog platform. New blog. Sharing tips and tricks about the Silhouette Cameo, DIY, Crafts and General life

Sep/29 By

DIY, Crafts, Tips and tricks for the Silhouette Cameo and general life coming soon!


TRYING to come back…after too long!

Sep/26 By

It’s been so long that it really is hard to come back with something that is going to get me rolling! Not that I don’t have much to show you


Snuck up and bit me…ugh!

Oct/8 By

I opened an esty shop to sell some of the items that I have been making.  Mostly bows and made-to-order lollipops.  (I am working on some toddler purses that I


Caramel Apple Fritter

Nov/16 By

Caramel Apple Fritter I wanted to share with you all a recipe for Caramel Apple Fritter that I tested out last night. It was like an apple fritter but better there was

Cute handmade flower, Cross body purse, purse, button flowers

Sewing for fun and function!

Nov/8 By

  I am loving some of the patterns that I can find online, and the amount of patterns is unreal! I recently made a couple of purses for my nieces


Cold Feet on your little one?

Nov/5 By

Cold feet on your little one? Cold weather means cold feet on your little one. Colder weather is fast approaching or should I say it’s already here! It was in


Halloween 2011

Nov/4 By

We had a very pleasant Halloween how about you? I wanted my daughters to dress up all matchy matchy just like last year but that didn’t happen! We were so



Oct/30 By

  I was invited to a baby shower with much advance notice so I wanted to sew something for the mother-to-be.  I set out on a hunt to search for


ROAD TRIP..and some last minute sewing!

Oct/30 By

We were going on a last minute road trip and I decided the morning of the trip that my daughters had to have a neck pillow!    So started out


The little blessings in life

Oct/16 By

  Sometimes in the path of life we hit speed bumps. We hit a speed bump this evening. Our main vehicle’s radiator has had a small leak in it for


My newest “TRYING”!

Oct/14 By

SEWING I learned how to sew in Middle School.  Home Economics class and I knew from the moment I picked it off my elective list that it was going to